Solveig Leithaug - Finding Home


Solveig Leithaug - Finding Home


Released: 2013-2014 | Apple Cake Records

1. Finding Home (True Blue)
2. Faraway Lullaby
3. A Million Miles
4. Nothing Is Hidden
5. When She Plays
6. Mor
7. Safe and Sound
8. Brave
9. The World You Made
10. It Is Good
11. Lacey’s Wedding Song
12. You Care More
13. Give Me Jesus

“My dear Norwegian sister and friend Solveig, delivers her newest CD Finding Home in pure and classic style with lovely, memorable songs. I find myself smiling and relating so well to the touching, Norwegian tune “Mor,” while wiping tears on my personal favorite, “Brave,” one that’s meant for hurting women. They’re all fabulous. It’s chock full of beautiful songs with uncompromising lyrics, arranged and delivered exquisitely. Solveig’s the female James Taylor! “

— Evie Tornquist, Recording Artist

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