Solveig's "Faraway Lullaby" from the bells of Oslo City hall.

Solveig Leithaug's goodnight song "Faraway Lullaby" has been chosen to ring nightly from the bell-tower of Oslo City Hall at 8pm over the streets of Norway's capitol. This first took place October 13, and was played till advent, 2014. Again it is now featured from January 6th till the end of spring, 2015. The ritornelle was created by Carillonist Laura Marie Rueslåtten who gave Solveig recently a private tour of the majestic bell-tower and to see the bells first hand that plays her goodnight song over her old hometown.

Solveig is in the fine company of composers such as Leonard Cohen, Michael Jackson, Debussey and Hovland. The original recording of Faraway Lullaby is found on her latest CD Finding Home.

The song was composed by Solveig Leithaug with Sarah Hart in 2013.

Finding Home is available digitally at Amazon, iTunes, Wimp, Spotify, and in stores such as Platekompaniet or can be purchased online via
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